Dr Diane Caisse, d.m.v.
Dr. Diane Caisse is passionate . Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Montreal in May 1989, she realizes her childhood dream. 
Her skills , determination , empathy and growing interest for veterinary medicine makes her a dedicated business leader. In addition to being passionate for internal medicine, she has a special interest in surgery. Excellent popularizer, she likes to simplify the language of internal medicine to ease customer understanding. 
Dr. Caisse is also dedicated to her breeding Irish Wolfhound since 2004.  
In her spare time, she is interested in nature, gardening and gastronomy. 

Dr Jessica Fournelle, d.m.v.
After obtaining her doctoral degree at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in May 2014, Dr. Fournelle joins the Clinique vétérinaire Chomedey team with joy and enthusiasm.

With her boundless energy and her up-to-date knowledge, she gives new life to the clinic. She puts great emphasis on analgesia , comfort and well- being of our four-legged patients.  

Acting as a great motivator, she is caring about team training while looking out for more interesting conferences because she attaches great importance to continuous training. 
Dr. Fournelle, third dan karate black belt, is also teaching self defence. Karate being a natural way of living for her. 

Catherine Sabourin
Since over 10 years, she illuminates the waiting room with her radiant smile and her love of life. Patient and energetic, she is always there, attentive to your needs and to those of your companions. 
During her free time she enjoys horseback riding, photography and painting. 

Stéphane Constantineau, human ressource manager
With his cheerfulness and his contagious sense of humor, he is our ray of sunshine. He brings happiness and balance to the clinic. Also working as a chocolatier, he have everything to charm us. 
In his spare time, he became interested in woodworking, motorcycles and sailing. 

Marie-Ève Meunier
Secretary-receptionist with us since March 2016, Marie-Ève ​​is our mother Theresa of the animals. Always actively involved in animal protection groups, she cares about the well-being of our four-legged friends. 
She is charmingly sweet and will welcome you with her most beautiful smile.
Sarah Théberge
Student at the University of Sherbrooke in physiotherapy, Sarah has been working with us since June 2014. Her availability, versatility and big heart are legendary. She is always ready to invest herself in all her projects to help others and to listen to them. 
Accounting, management, human resources, secretarial, animal care and many other areas make her an indispensable employee.
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